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Building International Relations

Sai Sishya International school Tokyo is our prestigious temples of education. We strive to build International Relations by providing the best education to our students and make them truly Global Citizens of international society.

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Tokyo, Japan


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Kurukshetra, India


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Kurukshetra, India

About Us

Passion For Wisdom

One thing that motivated us to start this school was the understanding that this world is all inter-dependent. We all eat food that other people grow. We wear clothes that other people make. We all learn from the books that other people have written.  We constantly draw from the joint pool of things that other people have filled. And, most important thing in the world is actually to put something back into that pool.
We think the most meaning-full thing that we can do in our lives is to PUT BACK in this giant pool so that others can take benefit of that.  And one of the major areas of lacking in this pool in this country is GOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION.  In Sai Sishya International School , we strive to provide best international education to our students with our IB Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) curricula.
Our IB Primary Years Program (PYP) forms the basis for the teaching and learning that takes place at Sai Sishya International School . The PYP offers an integrated transdisciplinary approach which closely represents real world experiences for the students. This approach allows students to recognize that the different disciplines are connected and used together in various situations.



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Frequently Asked Questions

At Sai Sishya International School, we offer International  curricula.
IB PYP Kindergarten K2-K5
IB PYP Primary Grade 1-5

Yes, we offer bus services covering major areas around the school.

Yes, trial lesson can be arranged after making an appointment by mailing or calling us.

Online application form available on the school website can be filled up or our office staff can be contacted. We are always there to help.

To know more about the fee structure please click here
Inquiry, as the leading pedagogical approach of the PYP, recognizes students as being actively involved in their own learning and as taking responsibility for that learning. PYP learning is approached with a spirit of inquiry. Drawing from the transdisciplinary themes and students’ interests, inquiry is an authentic way for students to relate to, explore and understand the world around them. (Primary Years Programme: Learning and teaching, 2018)

There are four Units of Inquiry (UOI) in kindergarten (K2-K5) each academic year and six UOIs in primary (grades 1-5) each academic year. More details are available in the Program of Inquiry download.

The child shall be placed in the appropriate grade on the basis of age and learning ability. 

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