Sai Sishya International School

Bus Fees

Payment Method

  1. Payment is to be made in Japanese Yen only and can be paid by bank transfer. The bank receipt will be your official receipt unless otherwise requested. The payer is responsible for any bank processing charges incurred. This amount is to be paid in addition to the amount of the Application fee (applicant) and Tuition & Fees (student). Subsequent fee payment happens through Auto Debit facility only. Please make sure to sign up the Auto debit form.
  2. Tuition and all school fees must be paid in advance.
  3. For students enrolled after the school year begins, tuition is calculated based upon the month they are enrolling. Attendance for any portion of a month necessitates payment for the entire month.
  4. Special programs like summer school is not included in the regular term fee payment.
  5. All payments other than tuition fees are non refundable. Two month notice period is required for seperation. Tuition fee refunds will be computed based on the notice given.
Bus Fee Term fee with tax
Nishi Kasai ¥ 38,500
Funabori ¥ 38,500
Seisincho ¥ 38,500
Ojima / Nishi ojima ¥ 57,750
Shinozaki ¥ 57,750
Shuttle Transport Fee – Two way ¥ 21,000
Shuttle Transport Fee – One way ¥ 13,650
Shin Urayasu ¥ 88000
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